Our Makana Rebrand

Our Makana Rebrand

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hofmann


Just like in our personal lives, in business, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that more is better, more complicated means more sophisticated, add this, add that, more and more and more so that after awhile, the layers are so thick, it’s almost impossible to recognize the small, quiet idea that started it all.

In today's world especially, we are constantly bombarded with noise - images, advertisements, opinions, people yelling at us - we’re right for thinking like they do and wrong for thinking like the other people do. It’s overwhelming and exhausting.

As we embarked on our redesign, we asked ourselves, What is it that we want to accomplish?

Our clean design reflects our commitment to creating candles, soap, and diffusers that are not filled with unnecessary additives.

By stripping away all the extras on our packaging and design, we allow room for our customers to focus on what we feel is our strength - unique fragrances, minimal ingredient list, and a commitment to quality.

We want to give our customers space - space to take a breath, space to not be bombarded, space away from the noise.

We want to let our simple ingredient shine through.

Our fragrance takes the forefront with the the large, prominent font.

Some people have asked what happened to our monstera and all of the leaves? We wanted the monstera to be highlighted and we thought the best way to do that, even though it's smaller, is to allow it to stand alone - proud and independent. Just like an island chain that we love so much.

Combined with fragrances that are unique, not overly-complicated, and evocative, we are proud to introduce our new look. A look that is a return to simplicity and the things that truly matter - quality, product integrity, and a beautiful fragrance. Our gift to you.

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